Meet the Meadmaker


Owner of Melovino Meadery, Sergio Moutela, has become a notable award-winning commercial mead maker. His mead has been served at the James Beard House in NYC and has won multiple medals in some of the biggest mead competitions in the world. After overcoming some legal obstacles in New Jersey that prevented meaderies from operating in state, he not only became the first meadery in New Jersey, but was also the driving force behind opening the doors for others to open meaderies as well through the creation of new legislation.

He openly shares his passion and knowledge with others in the pursuit of making better mead. He is the author of Mead Made Right and the TOSNA method of advanced nutrient additions in mead making, and now owns and operates one of the fastest growing meaderies in the country.

Currently, he serves on the Board of Directors of the American Mead Makers Association, and in 2017, Melovino became the most award winning meadery at the Mazer Cup International, the largest mead competition in the world.

​​​​​The TOSNA Effect
A Tailored Organic Staggered Nutrient Addition, or TOSNA, supersedes the standard cookie cutter nutrient regimen that most mead makers have learned to follow in their mead making ventures.

One size does not fit all. Underfeeding your mead will undoubtedly cause many of the issues experienced by most amateur mead makers, such as stuck fermentations, severe drop in pH, and an increase in sulfur and fusel alcohol production.

TOSNA uses only Fermaid-O because of its organic form of nitrogen which the yeast is easily able to metabolize throughout the entire fermentation process, unlike the inorganic form of nitrogen provided by the use of DAP and Fermaid-K.

- 14% alcohol fermentation in under 30 days

- steady clean fermentation without spikes

- no risk of stuck fermentation


- superb pH buffering


- easier to maintain lower fermentation temperature


- less sulfur production during fermentation


- prolonged yeast activity