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6 gallon

22.25g Go-Ferm

450 ml water

9g each of D80 & D254 yeasts

32.6g Fermaid-O

1.130 SG / 30.18 Brix

1/3 sugar break = 1.085

1.020 - 1.025 Estimated FG


6 lbs Blackberry or Raspberry blossom honey

Grape Juice:

Wine Expert Black Cab wine kit (4.75 gals)

Add your honey into a bucket, then the grape juice, and top off with enough water to reach the starting gravity listed above.

If the wine kit contains grape skins, add those in now if you wish.

Add 6oz of medium toast French oak cubes into primary.

Follow the Yeast Handling and Nutrient Addition process on MMR.

Ferment at 70F and allow to free rise.

After fermentation, aged on 6 more ounces of medium plus French oak cubes.

Rack off of oak after 8-12 weeks.

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