​​TiOSNA (Tailored InOrganic SNA)

*This is not the original TOSNA

This is an alternative for those who either still feel more comfortable with using inorganic form of nitrogen such as Fermaid-K, or that are unable to source Fermaid-O. I still do not recommend the use of DAP, so the following is my TiOSNA using all Fermaid-K.

All online TOSNA calculators out there will need to be updated to reflect TiOSNA and TOSNA 2.0

Here is the calculation to determine the total amount of Fermaid-K to use:
Initial Sugar (g/L) x N requirement factor x batch size (gals) / 100 (ppm) = Total Fermaid-K (grams)

Initial Sugar (g/L)

 Brix x 10 = Sugar (g/L)
*1° Brix ≈ 10 g/L sugar

Nitrogen(N) Requirement Factor

For Low N requiring strains, Sugar (g/L) x 0.75 = YAN requirement

For Medium N requiring strains, Sugar (g/L) x 0.90 = YAN requirement

For High N requiring strains, Sugar (g/L) x 1.25 = YAN requirement

*Sugar (g/L) = Brix x 10

​*Factors sourced from Scott Labs fermentation handbook 2016

Common yeasts w/ Low N needs, 71B, DV10 , D47, EC1118

Common yeasts w/ Medium N needs, D21, D254, D80, V1116

Common yeasts w/ High Nitrogen needs, CY3079, RC212

*Information on additional yeast strains can be found on Lallemand's website.

100 (ppm) using Fermaid-K

1g/gal of Fermaid-K = 100ppm (or mg) of N/L

*It is recommended to invest in a good grams scale

Nutrient Addition Schedule

Once you get your total Fermaid-K to be used based on the TiOSNA formula above, you can divide the total by 4 to get the grams of each individual nutrient addition you will be adding, as follows:

​- The first nutrient addition happens 24-hours after yeast pitch. 
- Then at the 48 & 72 hour marks after yeast pitch.
- Final nutrient addition is on Day 7 after yeast pitch, or when fermentation has reached its 1/3 sugar break, whichever comes first.​​

The above mentioned TOSNA nutrient calculations are intended for use in traditional mead recipes. When fermenting with fruit and/or fruit juice, the amount of Fermaid-O can be cut by the percentage of fruit sugars present during fermentation.