​​   Directions

  1. Clean and sanitize all equipment
  2. Rehydrate yeast at 104F (more info here)
  3. Dilute honey into 2-3 gallons of water
  4. Fill to 5-gallon volume
  5. Gradually temper yeast with must until within 10F of must
  6. Pitch yeast and ferment in low 60F (60F-62F best)
  7. Follow TOSNA nutrient addition schedule (more info here)
  8. Degas twice a day until 1/3 sugar break to release CO2
  9. ​Once fermentation has ceased, rack to secondary
  10. Age until clear or add clarifying agent

    With TOSNA, your mead should be ready to drink in well under 3 months

Experiment is Key

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Sweet Mead - 5 Gallons

18 lbs of honey

1.025 or higher FG

Semi-Sweet Mead - 5 Gallons
15 lbs of honey
1.010 - 1.025 FG

Dry Mead - 5 Gallons
12 lbs of honey

0.990 - 1.010 FG

Feel free to send us a message through our Contact Us page if you ever have a question. Whether it be in regards to starting your first batch of mead, or a problem you are having with an existing one.

We are always willing to help out those who are dedicated to making great mead!

Try using different honey varietals, or even a blend of honey varietals. You would be surprised at how different meads can be with just a switch of honey.

If you use fruit, add to primary. Looking to use spices? Those are best added post fermentation so the yeast do not scrub out all of the delicate flavors and aromas.